Embracing That I Will Always Be The Minority

Have you ever looked around you for a moment and thought to yourself, “Wow. Nobody here even remotely looks like me.”? Well, for as long as I can remember, I have thought that to myself at least once a day.

In most settings, I am literally a walking, talking minority. I realized that a long time ago, really. But what I have just recently realized is that there is something really empowering about being … the only. The only Muslim, the only hijabi, the only twin mom, the only person who lost their parents at a young age, the only person who’s lived half her life in one place and the other half in a completely different place… the list goes on.

These are the things that make me, me. And while it’s sometimes confusing and maybe even downright awkward, I feel like I’m finally embracing the fact that I will always be the minority. And honestly, it has been really eye-opening. We all know that we don’t notice the ones that are exactly the same as everybody else, we always notice the oddballs. It’s almost as if, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually the minority NOT the majority that rules. 😉 I love that. And I am that.

It has been a process, but I am using that feeling of being the oddball to empower me rather than bring me down. And I encourage you to do the same in any situation where you feel like you’re different.

To give you some ideas, through this blog I’ll give examples of a times that I have done this so stay tuned. We’re going to be changing some rules, my friends!

What is an Intro?

Hi there! My name is Rabab Chouhoud (pronounced rah-BAHB SHOO-hood). My family and closest friends have always called me Ruby, which just adds to the identity crisis that I constantly have! 🙂

I have always struggled with introducing myself. See, in my relatively short time in this life I have been impacted by so many different and unexpected events that make me who I am today that even something as simple as where I am from needs a good 15 minutes to explain.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that is like this. So through this blog, I will share my random ramblings in hopes that I can help you get through being your own type of minority.

… Welcome to The Minority Rules!